Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update Living Room - 3 weeks later

Jeff refinished the wood floors himself over the weekend. He spent his FIRST Father's Day sanding and applying finish to the floors. Ay yi yi. But, alas, this project is complete and we can move forward with installing trim and painting. The floors look awesome. By the pictures, you can't really tell how much better the floors look. You're gonna just have to take my word for it! And, I wanted everyone to see the lovely yellow that we (ahem Dave) had the joy of priming over.
I am so proud of my man for all his hard work! Go Jeff!


Angie said...

Woo! He did an awesome job on the floors. And I love the fresh color of the wood. Great work!

patty said...

Awesome! What a fresh, warm and wonderful room it's become. The furniture will set it all off fantastic too!

patty said...

Ooops, dad said the room used to be yellow and you are not painting the room yellow! I got confused, but the floors still are amazing.