Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 Months!

Matthew is 8 months old today! Check out Matt's fine faux-hawk!

Matt's list of tricks include: sitting up, rolling over, crawling, saying 'boo', 'da da', and 'ba ba.' He can also sit up all by himself. He loves his 'spin-a-letter' toy, reading, and playing with his daddy. Matthew is also trying new foods including some Gerber sweet potatoe puffs and blueberry puffs.

NO TEETH YET! When is this kid gonna get a tooth?


Angie said...

If he needs any advice on his hairdo, his uncle Brian is happy to help.

patty said...

Happy * Months to my darling Matthew!! He brought me luck today! He's growing into such a sweet little boy. We just love him to pieces! Miss him too!

I told Brian about the "fau" hawk! I printed off the pictures I took last week and they turned out great. I just can't get my computer to receive them - I wonder if the UBS cord got messd up in the storm Friday. Our computer was left on, dummy me.

patty said...

That's 8 mos! to my darling!