Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My name is Matthew Richard Burch and I am three months old. I love to smile, kick my legs, listen to classical music, and make my momma smile. I sleep from 10:30PM until 8:30-9:00AM. My daddy says that I am the best sleeper! I love to get comfy cozy in my fleece "jammers," and snuggle with momma and daddy. My favorite game is "Peek-A-Boo." My mom comes up with a new nickname for me every day...Matthew Richie, Bugaboo, Little Muffin, Matt Man, Mr. Man. I hope she decides on one, so I don't get confused! I am not sure how much I weigh, but I am a strong healthy boy. I can't wait to roll over and start crawling!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday, Jeff and I were getting ready for church. Usually, we wear jeans. However, Jeff put on a nice pair of pants, so I thought that I should dress it up a bit more. None of my dress pants have fit in a long----time, but I thought to myself, "What the hell. Give em' a try." My size 2's slid on with ease, and I felt bad for cursing them out when they gave me muffin top a few weeks ago. Matthew turned three months on Saturday and I am officially down to my pre-baby size. YEAH!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More 11 Week Pics....

It is tricky getting these smiles on camera! Sorry, this one is a little off center.

Little bugaboo holding his blankie tight!

Looks like Matthew is having fun while Daddy takes a nap!

My VERY first neice!!!

Charlotte Rose Burch was born last night at 10:44P.M. weighing 8lbs 5 oz and measuring 21" long. Both baby and mother are doing wonderful! Doesn't Angie look beautiful in this picture? She has that "new mother" glow. It brings tears to my eyes to see my newborn neice! I can't wait to hold her!

Monday, January 12, 2009

11 Weeks!

Matthew is now 11 weeks! Where does the time go? He is around 14 lbs. He is cooing and smiling on a daily basis. He seems to be trying to roll over, but hasn't succeeded yet. The past few days he has been sleeping in until 8:30-9:00AM. It has been really nice to get a full night's sleep, and even sleep in a little!

I return to work this Thursday - three days per week. I am really not looking forward to it, but I have had over 12 weeks off, so it is time. Wish me luck!

I did it!!!

Last Friday, I bravely went where I did not know if I had the courage to go...into my closet to try on my pre-preggie jeans. To my surprise, they slid on with ease! Jeff and I celebrated with a cocktail. I still want to do some toning up in the next few weeks, but I at least feel like I am on my way to my pre-baby shape. My goal is to fit in my size 2's by mid-February!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I have been watching Oprah's "Best Life" series this week. Yesterday, she had her financial guru, Suze Orman, on her show. Now, Jeff and I don't particularly follow one personal finance expert over another, but we do tune in and listen to what they advise and analyze how that fits into our financial strategy. I am sure with the state of the market, many are wondering if IRAs, 401(k)s and 529 Savings Plans are still sound investment tools. Here is what Suze had to say, which I found helpful:

On Retirement...
1. Don't panic when the market goes down. Suze says the most important thing you can do in a bad economy is to stay calm—especially if you have at least 10 years until retirement. "There's a big difference between 29 and being 56."

2. Keep investing monthly in your 401(k) or IRA. "Guess what? Your money buys more shares. The more shares you have, the more money you're going to make by the time you are your mother's age."

3. If you need the money within five years, take it out of stock market. Another important idea Suze emphasizes is that any money you will need to spend—on a house, on college tuition—within the next five years must be invested conservatively. "That is not money that belongs in the stock market," she says. "It never has. It never will. The money that's in the stock market is money that you don't need. ... Because [to be in the stock market] you need time on your side so that when something like this has happens and the market goes all the way down, it [has] time to recover."

On Saving for College...
1. You have been putting money into a 529 plan every month since your little one was born. The stock market scares you these days, so you’re thinking you should move your money out of your plan’s stock fund choice and into bonds or cash offered by the 529 plan. Good idea?

Nooo. If you have at least 10 years until you need your money, you have time on your side to ride out volatility in the stock market. You don’t want to stop investing in stocks, or pull out of stocks when you have time on your side; the smart move is to invest more in your 529 plan’s stock fund in 2009. Your money will buy more shares of that fund when prices are low (as they are now). The more shares you accumulate now, the more money you will make when stocks rebound. If your child is five years old, you have time on your side to wait for that rebound.

2. Big losses in your 529 have you so worried you want to quit the 529 and move all the money into a safe bank account.

Do not do this, because it can have significant tax consequences. Money you leave in a 529 that is eventually used to pay for college expenses is free of federal tax and state income tax too. But if you pull the money out, you can be hit with a 10 % penalty tax on any earnings on that account. If you feel you simply can’t stand to remain invested in stocks, then shift the money into a stable-value account within the 529.


In my stocking this year, Santa brought me a book, "The Law of Attraction." I would recommend this read to anyone who wants to see change in their life. The book explains the principle of attracting to yourself what energy you put out into the world. The widely read book "The Secret," also describes this principle. Many swept that book under the rug, feeling it was a bunch of hocus pocus.

However, in my experience this principle has worked. Example: I have been putting out positive energy and intention to save/earn more money this month. Just yesterday I went to get the mail. Normally, I toss out the "Val-Pak" coupons, but for some reason I felt compelled to open them this week. To my surprise, there was a coupon to our FAVORITE restaurant AND to our pricey daycare! Also this month, I was able to draw in two new businesses for my contract work. Coincidence? Or did I attract these things to myself?

Perhaps, the "Law of Attraction," simply teaches one to recognize and acknowledge all of the little day-to-day blessings that come our way. No matter how big or small, I try to appreciate the little things that make me smile. I feel an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in feeling happiness each day.

My next project...to attract the perfect house!