Friday, January 9, 2009


In my stocking this year, Santa brought me a book, "The Law of Attraction." I would recommend this read to anyone who wants to see change in their life. The book explains the principle of attracting to yourself what energy you put out into the world. The widely read book "The Secret," also describes this principle. Many swept that book under the rug, feeling it was a bunch of hocus pocus.

However, in my experience this principle has worked. Example: I have been putting out positive energy and intention to save/earn more money this month. Just yesterday I went to get the mail. Normally, I toss out the "Val-Pak" coupons, but for some reason I felt compelled to open them this week. To my surprise, there was a coupon to our FAVORITE restaurant AND to our pricey daycare! Also this month, I was able to draw in two new businesses for my contract work. Coincidence? Or did I attract these things to myself?

Perhaps, the "Law of Attraction," simply teaches one to recognize and acknowledge all of the little day-to-day blessings that come our way. No matter how big or small, I try to appreciate the little things that make me smile. I feel an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in feeling happiness each day.

My next attract the perfect house!


patty said...

What a great principle to live by! You go girl! Wow! Two new clients, that is awesome also!

Aeris said...

You should attract the pattern for baby booties that Auntie Arie can make her nephew!

I started a knitting blog :)

I checked out Angie's knitting blog -- she really is a Knitting Sensei!!!

Jaky Astik said...

I have read that book. nice. but I also recommend you to read The Secret. many authors have written about law of attraction, but only few like Rhonda Byrne have really shown how it works.