Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is the house that we fell in love with and bought. Burgundy shudders and all. Haha. She was a fixer upper for sure. Less than one year later, we have almost completely gutted every inch of the house and remodeled. This is our latest project...the front landscaping.

Last summer, I ripped out all of the plants in the front flower beds. This year I helped woodchip and trucked all of the landscaping supplies home, but the rest of the credit goes to my incredibly talented husband.
He put a new roof on the house, painted the front door, painted custom shudders, built custom flower boxes, ripped out the old walkway, put in a brick paver walkway (one hell of a task), built a rock wall that lines part of the front landscape beds, and planted all of the new plants. He EVEN planted our new 7' tree you see on the right - all by himself.

We aren't done yet...but I wanted to post while I had some free time. I still need to plant flowers in the flower boxes and find some lighting for our walkway. But, all in all I am very pleased with our progress.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can't believe I actually caught one of J's smiles on camera!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Having two boys so close in age will no doubt present its challenges, but overall, I am happy that they are only 17 months apart. I love seeing how they interact with one another already.

When Jeffrey cries, Matthew comes to find me and pushes me towards him. He also tries to give Baby J his pacy, which is adorable. When Matthew shouts or laughs, J looks in his direction. It is so amazing to see their bond grow stronger each day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Month

Baby J is one month old! I can't believe it!
Jeffrey is so strong. He holds his head up very well. His legs are very strong too...he pushes off when I hold him like he wants to jump right out of my arms!
His sleep schedule is very good to mommy. J wakes up once in the night for a quick snack.
He loves taking walks, listening to lullabys, his baby swing, and doesn't mind tummy time.
The first month went by so fast...I hope the second comes a little slower.

Play Time!

Jeff and I love bringing the boys to the park. It is really nice that we have one right around the corner! J loves to take walks in the stroller and to hear his brother playing on the playground. Matthew LOVES to climb up high and go down the 'Big Boy' slide...with help of course!

Matthew's First Swim Class

Matthew had his first swim class last night. Jeff went in the pool with him, while Baby J and I watched from the bleachers. Matthew was a little upset at first, but then really started to love it! Unfortunately, when he started to have fun I got busted by the lifeguard for taking video. Apparrently, they don't allow video taping at the pool! Boo!