Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is the house that we fell in love with and bought. Burgundy shudders and all. Haha. She was a fixer upper for sure. Less than one year later, we have almost completely gutted every inch of the house and remodeled. This is our latest project...the front landscaping.

Last summer, I ripped out all of the plants in the front flower beds. This year I helped woodchip and trucked all of the landscaping supplies home, but the rest of the credit goes to my incredibly talented husband.
He put a new roof on the house, painted the front door, painted custom shudders, built custom flower boxes, ripped out the old walkway, put in a brick paver walkway (one hell of a task), built a rock wall that lines part of the front landscape beds, and planted all of the new plants. He EVEN planted our new 7' tree you see on the right - all by himself.

We aren't done yet...but I wanted to post while I had some free time. I still need to plant flowers in the flower boxes and find some lighting for our walkway. But, all in all I am very pleased with our progress.


Andrea F. said...

It looks great! I'm so impressed.

Angie said...

I'm very impressed. We actually consulted with a landscaper today to give our front yard a face lift and more curbside appeal. After 4 years, it seems we will never find the creativity or time to do it ourselves. Hope the estimate isn't too much.

Addie Blog said...

WOW, it looks incredible. I love the landscaping!

Rachael said...

What is with Maroon Shutters? It brings you back to 1991!! LOL Mine house had them too...i removed them almost immediately as well!! you're guy's house is looking so cute and cozy :)