Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day #4

Well, it is day #4 of my "Bootcamp," challenge. So far, so good. Biggest challenge...having to tote around a lil' munchkin who weighs 20 lbs. It isn't easy when my muscles are singing from yesterday's workout. I need to find a way to track my progress. I don't believe in weighing myself...I weigh what I weigh. I just want my clothes to fit well and my muscles to look toned.

I have set some goals for myself for the coming week...

1. Eliminate caffeine
2. NO sugar...real or artificial
3. Drink more H2O

Gonna be a rough week ahead, but I want my body in tip top shape for life. AND, I want to produce my own energy...don't want to rely on caffeine.

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