Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Update - Week #1

So far, Jeff and I have got a lot done with the house. Realizing that we just closed one week ago, I am very pleased with our progress. However, there is a LOT more to be done before we move in.

We were gonna try to squeeze in getting the kitchen done before we move in, but with all the extra work that we are uncovering, it is doubtful that we will have time. Since it is such a small space, I am having a designer take a look at it. If you are going to spend the money to remodel, might as well do it right.

All, I gotta say about these older homes is DAMN! Jeff has already said...'Our next home will be built NO earlier than 1990.' Unfortunately, in the areas that we want to live...there are only older homes.

EVERYTHING that we go to do, requires extra time, $, and planning. Case and point...the bathroom. We simply wanted to tile the shower/floor and put in a new sink. Well, once we started ripping everything out, we uncovered a land mine. Jeff had to take EVERYTHING out. He re-framed the shower, put in new insulation, installed a fan/light combo, is re-doing the old plumbing, etc. A project that should have taken one day is now taking a week.

Our motto has become...'If we are gonna do it, let's do it right.'


Angie said...

But those new homes don't have any charm! The trick is to find an old home that someone else already repaired.

Jacqueline said...

Very true! I love the charm of an older home. With Jeff's skills, there is no reason for us to buy a home that someone else has already fixed up. I think next time, we will just be sure to have more than 20 days to do it!

patty said...

Well, more help is on the way. Dad will be an extra set of hands. When do your parents arrive? They will be a big help too. Is Arie coming with them? You could have an army of people there!