Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Project

My mom/dad came over this weekend to help us with our yard. It is VERY overgrown. Jeff and I were stumped with where to even start. There once was beautiful landscaping in the front/back, but the previous owner neglected it. dad brought his chainsaw, 14' trailer, and much much more. By 9:00AM on Saturday, the trailer was full of debree to haul away. They spent all day working away and even though, our yard is FAR from being complete, it looks much better.

My dad also brought over 100 rocks for Jeff to build a rock wall in the front. Jeff worked most of the day to frame in the two beds in the front. (See above)Too bad I waited until dusk to take the pictures...I will post better ones when I get a chance to take them. We want to tweak the beds a little by adding some larger rocks, but all in all I think it looks awesome! Not bad for someone who has never built one before! Yes, you can hire Jeff...but his rate just doubled as we are approaching fall and need our roof/upstairs done!!!

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