Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am sitting here today, daydreaming about...my Grandma Sue's home made RAVIOLI.

No one on earth, and I mean NO ONE...not even you, Giada de Laurentis, makes ravioli like my grandma. I usually get the treat of having her ravioli once or twice a year. And, let me tell you...every single, solitary bite is absolute perfection.

Trying to describe my Grandmother's superior dish is like trying to decribe color to a blind person. The ravioli itself is amazing...but then there is the homemade sauce. OH MY GOD. My mouth is watering. I have never experienced such a strong craving in my life. And, to think...I probably have to wait until Christmas-time to quench it! I might have to get her recipe and try my hand and making them myself. (Even though I know they will not come close to hers!)I just can't wait until December!


patty said...

did our plans for italian food for this weekend get you thinking? Aunt Mary is always game for trying recipes if you ever want us to try our hand at it? are the recipes within the family recipes you received at one of your showers? I'm serious, come home some w/e and we'll get the pasta and sauce going!

Jacqueline said...

Unfortunately, Grandma chose to omit her 'special' recipes from the family cook book. They are top secret!