Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Years

I married my beloved husband, on September 21, 2007, the first day of fall. Our wedding day was nothing less than magical. I wish that I could re-live that day just once again in my lifetime. Here is my recount of the day. I hope someday my children will read this and be able to gain an appreciation for the day that their mom and dad were united as one.

The entire day was absolutely perfect. I awoke at 7:30AM in my suite at the Amway and walked to the salon where I had my hair done. Next, was makeup. My Aunt Julie hired a makeup artist that she had used on many photo shoots at work. She was awesome! Looking in the mirror, I felt like a princess - very Grace Kelly-esque.

At noon, a limo arrived to transport the bride and bridesmaids to St. Andrew's cathedral. I remember feeling so happy to have my closest family and friends surrounding me on such a special day. I wondered what Jeff was doing...and if he was nervous.

When we arrived at the cathedral, we dressed and put the finishing touches on our hair/makeup. Then, it was time for pictures. Our photographers were amazing. They coordinated every photo with such ease. They also did a fantastic job of orchestrating the timing of the photos, so that Jeff and I would not see each other before the ceremony - one of my most important requests.

Before I knew it, it was time for the ceremony to begin. My dad and I waited patiently behind the two large doors that guarded the entrance to the cathedral. I remember playing with my veil...trying to get it to stay in front of my shoulders. Then...I could hear the music. The doors opened, and I saw my prince waiting at the end of the aisle.

I walked down the aisle with each step bringing me closer to a new life, a new adventure. I remember thinking about all of this, as I was trying to remember to smile and make eye contact with our guests. Some say that I looked nervous...perhaps I was, a little.

As I reached Jeff and as my dad placed my hand in his...I felt a calm wash over me. I felt at peace. I felt at home. The ceremony went by so fast. I remember saying our vows and carefully thinking about the words that we were saying to each love and honor each other, all the days of our lives.

After the ceremony, we paraded around town with the wedding party taking photographs at some of my favorite spots in Grand Rapids. The most memorable was taking pictures on a large hill with the Amway Grand (our reception venue) in the background. I love those photographs.

Walking into our reception, I felt, again, like a princess entering the grandest ball. The room looked stunning. All of the months of planning and preparation came together beautifully. My favorite part were the beautiful vases/flowers. They truly completed the room. Dinner was lovely and our champagne flutes (pictured above) adorned with 'love knots' were the perfect accessories to toast and celebrate our wedding day.

Jeff and I danced our first song to 'When the Stars Go Blue.' Jeff was the perfect gentleman leading me on the dance floor. We did take a few lessons beforehand, since we both tend to have two left feet when it comes to dancing.

The rest of the evening was spent socializing with guests, dancing, and simply enjoying being together as a married couple. It truly was the perfect day and the most amazing way to celebrate our new life together.

Cheers to the last two years and cheers to many more!


patty said...

It was a memorable day from start to finish! You were the picture of elegance true to your idol Grace. Jeffrey was either your best dressed Tim McGraw or Cary Grant to match your Grace!

Happy 2ND!!!

Creator - Arie Reath said...

You forgot the rap music!!!! :D