Wednesday, September 16, 2009

13 Weeks

I had my doctor's appointment today and heard baby's heartbeat! Matthew was with me and giggled at the sound of his baby brother/sister's racing heart. It sounded different to me than Matthew's. This time around it sounded more like galloping horses than the 'swish swish' of Matthew's heart. Here is an update on my pregnancy. I have an ultrasound today at 3:30, so more to come!

Week: 13
Pounds gained: (-5)
Feeling: Much better! I now wake up and feel great! My energy is returning and I am craving EVERYTHING! Mostly...pickles, Italian food, and chocolate.

This pregnancy has been so different from when carrying Matthew. With this baby, I had terrible morning sickness, an icky, metallic taste in my mouth, low energy, and overall, was feeling very sick. Some say this is a sign of having a girl...but I am sticking to my 'boy' guns until I see otherwise!

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Westie Mommy said...

Oh my god, you are totally having a girl!!! :) loll!!! IS that a negative 5 pounds???? GIRL you need to start eating some more italian food and chocolate ;) haha Also, Don't worry about a haircut for Matthew--at least not until he turns 1. :)