Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lately, I have been having many many cravings. And, they are UNCONTROLLABLE. There is no one thing I have been longing for each day...more like, when I want something I HAVE to have it. Some of my cravings include:

- 7 Layer Burrito - Taco Bell
- Cherry Doughnut - Meijer makes the best!
- Orange Juice
- Dill Pickle
- Mustard...I had to eat something with mustard
- Chocolate Chip Cookie
- Raisin Bran
- Avocado
- Olive Burger - Honeycreek Inn did NOT disappoint!

Isn't it a little early to be having cravings? Right now, I am craving an omelette...the kind you get at a nice breakfast restaurant, loaded with veggies and cheese. Ahhh, but I don't think I can convince Jeff to take me out for breakfast...considering we have dinner in the oven and it is 6:00PM. Maybe this weekend!

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Reena said...

It's never too early to have cravings! That's my scientific answer to that! I think I craved eggs (scrambled, omelet ,etc) with cheese before I even knew I was pregnant. And that continued for the first trimester.
And that chocolate chip cookie? That can't be a pregnancy thing right? Because I crave those all the time =)