Thursday, January 24, 2008

This weekend....

Jeff and I are on the house hunt again. We are touring a home in Brighton, near our property. It is tudor-style, which is definetely NOT my style, but hey that's why I married turn the not-so-dream-home into a DREAM HOME! Over 2,000 sq feet at a great price. Can't beat that. It would be again, a lot of work, but hey what's the fun if there isn't any work! I love a good challenge. Two fireplaces and a spacious floor plan. I can't wait to see what this little gem has inside.

After the weekly house hunt, it is off to the Home Improvement Show! Ya! I am really excited to spend the day looking at all of the products, vendors, and ideas. Viva la Home Show!

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mamins said...

You house hunters may run into David and Julie at the home show! They were heading that way today also! Great minds work together in great ways! Have a good time!