Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Resolutions

So, I know I am a little late in making resolutions for 2008, but hey - better late than never!

1. Enjoy the small pleasures throughout my day...my morning green tea, the sunshine, waking up next to the man of my dreams...my list could go on and on!

2. Buy a "Canon Rebel" (best camera ever) and start taking lots of pictures

3. Find a puppy and convince Jeff to let me name her Princess Cupcake Sparkle (just kidding)

4. Start meditating every day for health, happiness, and success for everyone in my life

5. No more eating chocolate before noon

6. Find a home!

7. Try one new recipe a week

8. Make yoga a part of my routine

9. Develop patience

10. Live for today

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