Friday, January 25, 2008


I am getting the itch for a puppy again. I have been in contact with a breeder in the area, who hopefully will have a litter of puppies by Spring. I am really looking forward to getting a dog. Now, for the hard part...finding a suitable name.


mamins said...

How about Princess AddyII?!

Just met new addition, Bayley's Irish Dream last night. She is a cuddlebug for sure. I had her "dancing" on two legs last night. She is adorable.

Happy grandpuppy hunting with my blessing. Can't wait to cuddle once more with a little "teddy bear" puppy.

mamie said...

by the way, I'm changing my "name" to mamie instead of mamins. I think that's what I'll want my blessed granchildren to call me! MUAH!!!

mamie said...

I just realized, if Charlotte (from SexInTheCity) could name her King Cavalier pup Elizabeth Taylor, why couldn't you name yours Princess Grace Kelly? We do have family history on Grandpa's side with the Kelly name. His Grandmother was a Kelly! Seriously! A very feisty Irishwoman for sure.