Thursday, March 27, 2008

Think Your Guy's America's Next Sexiest Dad-To-Be?

Why yes, I do! I entered Jeff in the "Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine's America's Next Sexiest Dad-To-Be" contest. If he wins, he will be featured in the June issue of the magazine and will win a whole bag of daddy-to-be goodies! I submitted the essay below and the above picture of him from Hawaii. Say a prayer that he wins! He definetely deserves it =)

Here is my entry:

My husband Jeff is “America’s Next Sexiest Dad-To-Be” for so many reasons…some that cannot even be articulated in words. Sexy, to me, is more than my husband’s sparkling blue eyes, handsome smile, and boyish dimples. Sexy is the way in which he shows his love for me and our baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed and yet scared. Jeff assured me that I would be the most beautiful, loving mother that any baby could wish for. It brought tears to my eyes to know that he felt such confidence in me.

Jeff believes in me and keeps me going every day. I work and go to school, which leaves about a half an hour of time that Jeff and I get to spend together each night. We miss out on a lot of the things that newlyweds/newly expectant parents get to do. However, Jeff reminds me every day and every night, as he places a tender hand on my belly, that by working so hard now, we are building a better life for our baby.

On top of keeping me motivated, Jeff takes care of all of the household tasks that I am unable to help with. He does all of the grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning. He is so thoughtful; he even finds time to write me little notes of encouragement and hide them in places that he knows I will find throughout my day. It is so comforting to know that when I come home at night, I will find a hug and kiss waiting behind the front door, my pajamas neatly folded on the bed, and toothpaste already on my toothbrush!

I know that Jeff will make an excellent father, because of the way that he loves and cares for me and the baby now. No matter how busy he may be, he always finds time to whisper in my ear how much he loves the two of us. He makes me feel special and beautiful, two things all expectant mothers need. Jeff is my very best friend and one true love. He encourages me, makes me smile when I am sad, makes me laugh every day, and prays with me each and every night for our growing baby. Wherever he is, I feel at peace. I feel loved. I feel at home. There is nothing sexier than that.


Lance Bratsburg said...

I know this will be probably taken as sarcasm because I am a jerk, but it is not. Very nice essay, it sounds like you guys will have a perfect home for your baby.

Angie said...

Wow! Can we trade brothers?! :) Mine fights me for the sink when I'm trying to brush my teeth.
If that doesn't win, I don't know what would.

Sparkiechic said...

Awe! That is so cute. I love you guys :)

Aeris said...

yes the green layout is very eco-friendly :)

hope jeff wins!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the support everyone!