Monday, March 31, 2008

Daydreaming about maternity leave...

As I sit here at my desk on Monday morning, I can't help but daydream about maternity leave. Three months of no phone calls, no monthly reports, no budgets...ahhh that sounds wonderful to me! 7 months to go. The countdown begins. Maybe, I am a little premature, but I feel that it is never too early to countdown to something you are really looking forward to.

I have already started planning what I am going to do with the time off. Now, I know some of you might laugh at my list and silenty think..."Wow does she have another thing coming if she thinks that she will be able to do all that with a new baby in tow." Well, I have always dreamed big...why not? My maternity leave falls on the perfect time of year...the holidays! Here is my list of things I would like to do while I have the time off:

- Get all of my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped BEFORE Christmas Eve =)
- Start my workout regimen, so I can get back to my pre-baby shape
- Join 1 or 2 baby-and-me classes
- Take TONS of photos of baby and start scrapbooking
- Catch up on General Hospital
- Make tons o' Christmas cookies...especially my favorite sugar cookies decorated like Santas
- Bring baby to see Santa
- Watch every episode of Everyday Italian and make time to try what looks yummy
- Read, read, read
- Get organized! Now, my life is organized, but I am sure once Jeff and I move, there will be plenty of areas that will need to be organized. I vow to tackle these areas with the time that I have off.

I don't think those goals are too lofty! I think they are spot on. I am sure that I will continue to add to my list as I think of things. 7 months to go!


Aeris said...

the gill pouch is gone! wooo 7 months to go.. do you know what date it will be born? i hope it's a scorpiooooo

Jacqueline said...

Yay! Looking more like a baby and less like a "seahorse" every week. Due date just by couting days is October 31st. So baby has a good chance of being a Scorpio =) If he/she is born 5 days late, he/she will share a birthday with Jeff (November 5th).