Monday, March 17, 2008

Preggie Pop Drops To the Rescue!

Over the weekend, Jeff and I went over to Nate and Kendall's new house to visit. They have a lovely home and what I deem to be THE most comfortable couch in the world! I melted into the couch...I think I could have sat there all weekend...hehe.

Kendall (expectant mother of Gwen Katherine Lisenbee!) gave me a box of Preggie Pop Drops. She said they really helped her with morning sickness and boy have they helped me with mine this morning. They have just the right amount of bitterness to them to relieve the nauseousness. I highly recommend them to any expectant mother struggling with morning sickness. Thank you Kendall!


mamie said...

I remember sour things being a help with morning sickness. I've never seen those before though. Saltines too seem to work. Kendall is a good friend!

I just finished reading Angie's blog about her sister's baby shower and I am exhausted from all the details that went into it. I'm frustrated that I'll never be able to host anything of that sort when the time comes. I'll apologize ahead of time. Just know that I'll be focussing on becoming the most wonderful, loving, generous grandmother that ever walked the earth!!

Aeris said...

is that what your baby looks like? it's like a little seahorse!!

Angie said...

Patty, don't forget that I'll help with jacqueline's shower. I already have a theme in mind :)

mamie said...

Thank God Ang! I'll need it - we'll talk sometime!