Monday, March 30, 2009

Jeff's Upcoming Projects

Now, that I know that Jeff is game to make more furniture for our future nursery. I have been looking online to see different designs that I like.

I want Jeff to build a changing table that matches the crib. I found this one on Restoration Hardware Baby + Child. I like that the footing matches the crib. The only modification that I would like is doors instead of drawers. I think that shelving with doors would be a better way to organize diapers, wipes, lotion, etc.

I also found this rocking horse on RH's website! Isn't it cute?! I think I want Jeff to paint it white to match the crib and changing table. I also think I want to find some fabric that matches our bedding for the seat.

This toy chest is also perfect for our nursery! Again, a few modifications would be necessary. I want the footing to match the crib and I want to make a cushion for the top to sit on that matches Matthew's bedding.

Looks like Jeff is going to be busy! He swears these projects will be much easier than building the crib. Now, all we need is our house, so that Jeff can have a workshop!


Angie said...

I'd recommend an open shelving area on the changing table, where you can put a couple cute whicker baskets to hold diapers. Then you could reach them in a flash.
Jeff is going to be a busy man.
Maybe someday he'll make a toychest for his favorite god-daughter??? haha

Jacqueline said...

Of course he will! Just give him an idea of what you would like. I suggested that he make her a dollhouse someday too. I think he could really make quite a fabulous dollhouse.