Sunday, December 2, 2007

Valentino's 5 Ways for a Woman to Look Sexy

1. Even the most beautiful clothes cant do all the work, so before anything else, you must believe you can be sexy. Every woman can.

2. How would you like to walk? When you decide, practice how to move. Use your hips and a mirror. Nobody does this naturally. Trust me, no one

3. People don’t want to admit they pose, but how you sit is important. Never plop down. Lower yourself on to a sofa at a slight diagonal. Of course its deliberate! But it works.

4. You can’t be sexy without a beautiful smile (but never show your gums) or shining healthy hair. Don’t trust mother nature. She’s too busy.

5. The way you speak can bewitch. Low, slowly and always looking the listener in the eye. And nothing matters more than how you say hello and goodbye.

1 comment:

Brian said...

But how can I look sexy? OK, bad question.

I'm going to write 5 Ways for Dudes to Look Awesome.