Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodbye Addy

Jeff and I have decided to bring Addison back to the breeder tonight. Her heart condition is simply too unpredictable and complicated for us to provide her the care that she needs. This has been the hardest decision, to date, that I have ever had to make.

I never knew that I could love a dog so much, let alone in such a short period of time.

I will miss her loving eyes looking up at me. I will miss her soft whimper crying for me to pick her up. I will miss her warm body snuggling with me. I will miss her following me around. I will miss the car rides with her on my lap. I will miss Jeff softly telling her "no," as she chews on his favorite shoe.

Most of all, I will miss the happiness in my heart that she has brought me.

We will miss her sorely.


Angie said...

Oh Jacqueline, I am so so sorry. My heart aches for you. I know how large a place a puppy can take in your heart and Addison was such a sweet puppy. Finding all of this out makes me think about how tired she was last weekend. Maybe it was more than just puppy fatigue, maybe her poor heart just couldn't handle all the activity. We'll be thinking about you. Hang in there.

Aeris said...

=( I will miss that cute little puppy... we were bffs for sure..

I'm sorry JJ

mamins said...

The "grandparents" here are shedding tears for our sweet Addy. We too fell in love with her very quickly over the Christmas holiday. What can we do for you?? WE know you made the right decision. Did the breeder have her checked by a vet? If and when you bring another puppy into your home and heart, we'll help you make sure a vet checks him/her out.

Sparkiechic said...

So sorry to hear the news :( We will always remember Addy as a very special little 'Shephard'. Steve and I will say a prayer to the puppy gods tonight to watch over her and take care of her health. I know how hard it is for you two, pets can bring so much joy to your lives and sometimes a lot of pain too. It's okay to be sad and miss her but remember God has a different plan now for Addy and He will able you and Jeff to give your love to a new puppy someday. I promise.