Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our First Christmas Tree

Christmas is officially here at the Burch household! Jeff and I
decorated our tree, complete with candy canes and lights. I was very pleased with how the tree turned out. It adds such a warm touch to our living room.

Elvis' slow and sultry voice played in the background as we decorated. Afterwards, we nestled up with some hot chocolate to admire our work. I hope next year we have room to get a bigger tree. For now, this will do as our very first Christmas tree. Isn't it lovely?

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mamins said...

It is sooo very lovely. Ours will go up this weekend. Is it real or artificial???? I'm going to get a 6' pre-lit set up this weekend for the formal living room. We'll still put up "old faithful" in the family room. Lovely, simply lovely.