Friday, July 17, 2009

More Attraction

I have written before about the 'Law of Attraction,' and the way that I put it to use in my life. And, I know there are many out there that still don't fully believe in this powerful principle. However, I thought I would share this past month's intention and how the LOA brought to me all that I asked for.

With all of the home improvements underway, I am discovering that we need a few items for the house that we did not put in our home budget. For example, a new dresser for our bedroom. Jeff and I refuse to dip into retirement savings, Matthew's college savings, or our emergency fund for any reason other than a medical emergency.

With that said...I am not a patient person. I do not like to wait a few months to save for an item. This month, I chose to ask, pray, set the intention, whatever you want to call it...for some extra cash. And, I also included with my intention that I simply wanted it to come to us. I didn't want to have to work extra hours or pick up an extra project to earn it.

Well, less than 15 days since I set my intention and here are the results...

$458 Our property in Brighton's taxes were less than what we budgeted.
$350 Wells Fargo HSA account, that I FORGOT I had. Used part of this money to order new contacts.
$150 Submitted the receipt for my contacts to our health insurance company and was reimbursed.
$200 Our Bugaboo Bee lost a part. They sent us a new stroller. I sold our old one on Craigslist.
$150 Rewards checks from using our CC and paying it off each month.
$70 Security deposit refund from moving out of our apartment
$50 Sold old shower curtains/window curtains from Ikea on Craigslist
$34 Sold books on Amazon

Grand total = $1,462.00

AND, if you want to include the Ikea coupon that I received in the mail and am going to use...there is an extra $25.

I understand that eventually, we won't have items to sell on Craigslist and these sources of income without really 'working' for it are limited. The principle that I am trying to demonstrate is that before I set my intention NONE of these line items existed for me. So, what else is out there that I have not thought of?

AND, money is not the only area that this principle has proven itself to me. There are many other areas in my life that I have applied this principle to. Maybe someday I will share these on my blog. But, for now...I am pretty impressed with the results that I got this month. Wonder what next month will bring?

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