Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby on Board!


Matthew is going to be a big brother! Yes, I know this announcement is a bit premature, but I don't know HOW in the world women keep their pregnancies secret for a whole 12 weeks! As you can see from my 'ticker,' I am 6 weeks along. My first ultrasound is August 18th. The doctor would like to see exactly how far along I am. EXCITING!

Jeff and I are very blessed to welcome another baby into our lives. Everyone we have told has asked...'Hoping for pink or blue?' To be honest, I will be happy with either. It would be awesome to have another boy. Matthew would love a little brother! And, of course who wouldn't love a baby girl?! There are WAY too many adorable things out there to buy for a baby girl. So...time shall tell. I am undecided on whether we will find out the sex of the baby. For now, I am content with knowing that I have a little life growing inside of me.

I loved being pregnant and am happy that I get to experience the journey again. Wish me health and luck! Here I go again...

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patty said...

You have are prayers and blessings for a beautiful, healthy, happy, normal and extremely contented baby boy OR girl. It's always win-win for us. You can count on the grandparents to be there to halp in any way!!