Saturday, November 15, 2008


I just found out about the most amazing gadget EVER! The new Amazon Kindle. You can download books, periodicals, and magazines right to this device for reading. You don't even have to hook it up to your computer to do so! The Kindle works like a cell phone...only when you purchase it there are NO contracts, no monthly fees, etc.

One concern of mine was that I hate reading on a screen. However, this gizmo has such a hi-def screen it mimics the pages of an actual book. YEAH! I HAVE to have this item for Christmas. I already purchased one for someone in my life. No names mentioned in case that someone reads my blog!


Angie said...

I saw this on Oprah recently - she loves it. Of course, as Oprah things go, it is awfully expensive. She justified it by saying the downloads are cheaper than buying the actual book.

Brian said...

My coworker got a Kindle for her birthday and loves it. I've also played with the Sony Reader, which uses a similar e-ink technology. The screen is literally like looking at a matte piece of paper.

If you like to carry around a lot of books, this is a great little product.