Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bedtime Lineup

I think Jeff and I have found the perfect recipe for putting Mathew to bed. Here is our nightly routine.

- Bottle of formula (supplementing breastmilk with formula will help baby sleep longer, since it is more filling).

- Nightly Bath - Matthew loves bathtime and the warm water puts him in sleepy mode.

- A pair of snuggly fleece pajamas. He loves his pj's!

- Story and prayers.

- Swaddle with receiving blanket or swaddler.

- Ocean waves CD. This relaxing sound reminds baby of being in the womb and lulled Matthew right to sleep!

It was our first night of waking up only once! Ahhh....it was so nice.


Aeris said...

Well if he's anything like his auntie, that combination will lead him to be able to sleep through a bomb!

Julie and David said...

Glad to hear that he slept so well. I know Jeff was worried last night that he may have another sleepless night. Yay Matthew!