Friday, November 23, 2007

Serious Salad

I love a well composed salad! I had the task of making a salad for Thanksgiving. I took this task very seriously. I had to create a salad worthy of being placed on a table that would also be graced with cheesy potatoes, stuffing, and of course, turkey. To your left, my masterpiece. Ta Da! Romaine lettuce, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, and yes, those are leave and pumpkin-shaped cucumbers. I think Martha would be proud!

The classy looking salad to the right is my mom's creation. This salad was made with spinach, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, and sliced PEARS! I love non-traditional ingredients in salads. It gives my tastebuds a fresh and lovely surprise. Cheers to you Mom!


mamins said...

That salad was truly remarkable! Who has the "Martha" cutters???? Everyone wants to know. It was delic and we finished most of it with Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim with homemade chicken soup Friday night. Then we took the remaining to Jimmy and his roommate while we checked out their Christmas apartment! Totally decked out!

Aeris said...

Hey! I made that salad on the right! lol punk