Monday, July 19, 2010

This photo was taken right after a nap. Matthew was running around being his usual self, when for a brief moment he stopped, looked up at me, and held this angelic pose for...a millisecond!

Jeff loves this picture and I can see why. Matthew looks just like Jeff in this photograph. From his hair, right down to his chin...spitting image of his daddy. I wish with my whole heart that this photo quality had turned out better. I ordered a new lens that will hopefully allow me to capture my busy boy in his element and still produce a nice, sharp image.


patty said...

I love it just the way it is-it adds a certain quality to the picture-almost like someone was guiding your hand!

Rachael said...

I love this pic! It reminds me of an antique photo that you would find of your grandparents or something that has been preserved and restored. His face is priceless and so innocent. This picture has emotion and that makes it a great shot!