Friday, July 9, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

Well, ladies and gentleman, he has done it again...Jeff has transformed an outdated space into something truly beautiful.

As you can see from the before picture...our kitchen needed a makeover. We spent many months doing dishes by hand in a tiny sink and cramming all of our kitchen wares into shallow cupboards.

After a lot of hard work, weeks of doing dishes in the bathtub, and a stint of living with our appliances in the living is almost complete! We just have to paint, install the new light fixture, and finish the pantry.

THANK GOD! I cannot wait to have a dishwasher, space to store things, and a refrigerator that fits a 12 pack of beer AND food!


patty said...

Another genuine work of ART! It's just gorgeous and wonderful on the eyes. Can't wait to do some cooking next week in it!

Rachael said...

Bravo to my talented cousin!! Let me know when I can borrow him sometime :) Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!! Next up, building bunk beds for the boys huh :) How cool would that be!? lol you guys need to take a break and just enjoy each other and your new kitchen a bit!!!

Creator - Arie said...

awwwww geeeah!!!

Allon said...

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