Monday, June 7, 2010

Matthew has really grown attached to Jeffrey. He loves to hold his hand and kiss his forehead. It almost brings tears to my eyes to see him acting so loving towards his baby brother. Today, while Matthew was 'talking' to J and holding his hand, Jeffrey smiled at was so sweet! I love seeing their bond grow each day.

And, today I saw a side of Matthew that I had never seen before. We were playing at an indoor playground. Any time one of the other kids made their way over to sneak a peek at J, Matthew stopped what he was doing, ran as fast as he could over to J's side, covered him with his own little body and yelled 'Noooo!' He was SO protective of Jeffrey. It was cute, but at the same time I wasn't sure how to react.

I absolutely love having two little boys so close in age. I just know they will become the best of friends.

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patty said...

That's our little man for sure! He'll be a great big brother. When they're in JR High/High School, Matthew will make sure he has only the best and coolest of friends and will always have his back.