Sunday, June 13, 2010

Almost 20 Months

Matthew is so 'busy,' it is hard to take a picture of him. He is in constant motion. Jeff and I joke that he is either going 110% or he is sleeping! So, I had to get creative with this post. I decided to take pictures of things that he enjoys right now.

Of course, Mattew LOVES his baby brother. He is always by J's side. It is so sweet to see how protective Matt is.

Matthew likes puzzles right now. I think these ones are a little to easy for him at this point. But, he loves them!

Matthew also loves to read. He especially likes flip books. He even has memorized a few of them, so when we turn to certain pages, he will "read" a few words, before I get to them.

And, Matt's favorite bedtime buddy is 'Teddy AKA Ted.' He reaches for him as soon as we put him to bed. So sweet!

Other things Matt likes to do are go to swim class, play at the park, and recite 'A,B,C,D' in the morning when he thinks no one is listening.

Matthew still 'babbles,' but he knows more words than he lets on. I hear him talking to himself in the morning and words come out....he just likes to talk to Ted and not Mom/Dad.

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Rachael said...

LOL He like to talk to Ted and not mom and dad! That is so cute and funny at the same time! You need to get him on video talking to Ted! He'll totally appreciate it when he's older :)