Monday, February 1, 2010

Coupon Crazy

Special thanks to my SIL Angie for turning me on to

I am always on the lookout for a deal while shopping at the grocery store and at Target. However, I have never clipped coupons before! Whoa, have my eyes have been opened.

I have gone a little coupon crazy over the weekend and am so excited about my potential finds this week. Who knew there were so many amazing deals out there?! And, some you can actually MAKE money on.

WHAT?! You all might be reading. Yes, it's true...there are a myriad of freebies out there and items you can make a buck or two on...just for spending a little time to hunt for them.

Here is a recap of my savings this weekend (I was just warming up):

20 boxes of diapers from Target *Saved $60 + free shipping
2 boxes of Special K * Purchased for $0.72 each (Regular $3.29 per box)
1 box of Post Raisin Bran * Purchased for $0.50 (Regular price $3.49 per box)

And, Meijer had their awesome 10 for $10 sale this weekend, with the 11th item free, so we stocked up on items like freezer bags that we go through so fast!

Time spent: 1 hour on and
Grand total savings: $75

Deals for today:

Desitin - Free at Target
Aveeno Baby Wash - Free at Target
2 bottles of contact solution - Free at Rite Aid with cash back
2 bottles of Dove Men's Body Wash - Free at Rite Aid with cash back

Grand total savings: $34 + $4 cash back
Time spent: 20 minutes on MSM blog and flipping through Target coupon mailer

How did I do it...using a combination of coupons I found online/received in the mail + utilizing Rite Aid's cash back program.

I did have concerns that I would be tempted to buy things that we don't normally purchase like soda and junk food, because it is on sale. Or, that we would have to switch brands each week to get the sale. However, I was pleased to find GREAT deals on things that we use every week and also, the brands that we normally use.

So, let the saving continue!

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Angie said...

Fun stuff, I know! I get gung ho on it once in a while until my storage area gets packed with toothpaste, shampoo and cereal. Then I have to tell myself to stop for a little while. I wish we had a CVS here because there are a lot of deals to be had there.