Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Almost 16 Months

Matthew is almost 16 months! Every day, he surprises me with his ability to learn new things and by how much he is growing. He loves to run, talk, listen to music, dance, play with his toys, and of course snuggle with mommy.

There is one thing, Matt is not - shy. When out on errands or playing at his favorite 'tot-spot', Jungle Java, he will smile and chat up anyone who looks his way...spreading happiness wherever he goes.

Some of my favorite things about Matthew are...

- Hearing him giggle in the back seat of the car
- Seeing him dance whenever music comes on
- His tiny voice saying 'Why?' 'What?' 'Where are you?' 'Hi Dad!'
- The way he wakes up in the morning...full of smiles and hugs
- Touching my nose and saying 'No' (Translation 'nose')
- His chubby cheeks that are so kissable!
- The way he flips through his books and 'reads' to himself
- Bath Time...Matthew LOVES his baths and insists on ALL of his toys joining him

There are so many more things that I could write. Matthew is such a sweet boy. I am so lucky to be his mom!

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