Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to Beat a Monday

Mondays often come way too fast. When I am at work, I do a few things to soften the day and make it a little more pleasant. Here are some things that I do on Mondays...or really any day when I need a little something to help me through my day. Whether you are at work or a stay-at-home-mom...sometimes you need a little something to start the week off right!

1. Grab a Starbucks or enjoy some flavored coffee from home. Smelling the amazing aroma of a pumpkin spice latte or Meijer hazelnut coffee makes my morning smell and feel like home when I am away.

2. Give myself a quick hand/arm massage with a scented lotion. The increased circulation and again, wonderful smell helps me to relax and focus on the tasks at hand.

3. Rub a small amount of Aveda Blue Oil on my temples. This amazing oil comes in a small vile with a roller on the end, perfect for your purse and for rubbing on pressure points. The oil cools the skin, which energizes, as well as relaxes.

4. Start the morning with some yoga. I cannot begin to tell you how much yoga has changed my life...with some simple stretching and breathing exercises, I am able to energize my body, feel refreshed, and start my day off right. A mere 5 - 10 minutes is all you need.

5. Take time to appreciate a picture that makes me happy. I have a few pictures in my office that make me smile every time I look at them. By taking a few moments to remember the day the photo was taken or think of the people in the photo, my spirits are immediately lifted.

6. Listen to relaxing music or a thunderstorm/rainstorm on CD. No, this does not make me sleepy. It makes me feel like I am outside enjoying the world, rather than inside working.

These are things that work for me. Everyone has a few things that would make their day a little more enjoyable. I encourage you to seek out these things and make them a part of your daily routine. Most of them just take a few moments or minutes and can impact your mood and day immensely...whether it be a Monday or any day!

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patty said...

I agree Jacqueline. I like to get the Starbuck's Vivanno Smoothies with a shot of expresso for my Monday lift. After not working for so long it still is an adjustment for me to get going on the Monday Morning. That little blue vial would be a welcome to anyone's Christmas stocking? (hint, hint!) Anything Aveda smells like heaven anyway.

I still need some yoga tips to get on track.