Thursday, October 29, 2009

Surrender Date

If you are anything like me, sometimes your 'Type A' personality can start to take over your life. When my daily tasks, errands, and need to conquer clutter get in the way of enjoying my family and free's time for an intervention. One way that I am able to put my Type A in check is to plan (or not on) a 'Surrender Date.'

A Surrender Date is one in which the control freak (ahem!) I mean person exhibiting Type A behavior relinquenshes all control for one night to his/her significant other. This means that the significant other plans the entire date and makes every single decision. From what you will wear, to where you will go, to what you order to eat/drink for dinner...all decided by your better half.

It actually is quite fun not having to think about or plan a thing! It frees up your mind to simply enjoy the night. Think you could do it? Give up control for an entire night? I dare ya!

*I was first made aware of the idea of a Surrender Date while listening to Dr. Laura Berman on XM radio. I love her radio show and find a lot of her ideas/advice to be practical and easy to incorporate into my busy life. Tune in to her show on channel 156 at 5:00PM weekdays.

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patty said...

How did your surrender date go? It's a terrific idea.