Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last night, Jeff informed me was going to be "THE" night. I smirked and told him that he thinks EVERY night is going to be "THE" night. To my surprise, it was! Matthew slept through the night!!! Although I am not fully convinced that this has become his new sleep pattern, it was really nice to get an uninterupted night's sleep.


patty said...

Well praise God! How long did our precious sleep?? It must have felt wonderful!

Brian said...

That's amazing! From the reading I've been doing, it seems like that's not typical until at least 4 months old. What an angel.

patty said...

Brian, you were an exception to the rule also! You managed to sleep through the night at only a few weeks old! I have it documented. Nightly routines are very effective it's true!