Friday, October 3, 2008

The Secret Weapon

For all of you out there who, like me, worry about losing the weight after baby, I am going to share with you the secret weapon I plan to use...The Ultimate New York Body Plan.

David Kirsch is the trainer who whipped Heidi Klum back into shape in time for the Victoria's Secret fashion show after she had her baby. I know I am not a super model, but I have experienced the results this plan can bring pre-baby...we will see if David's "Core" DVD can bring me the same results post-baby.

I also plan to work with my trainer Leo to be sure that I am working as efficiently as possible. Leo helped kick my butt into shape before my wedding, and I hope he can work his magic on my body once again. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but I am bound and determined to regain the muscle tone I had 9 months ago!

I realize that my planning and ambitions may be a little premature (I haven't even had the baby yet), but I am just excited to be able to work out again! I don't think it is ever too early to start planning or setting goals. Wish me luck!


mamie said...

I should work out with you! David says I have 4 mos to get into the best shape of my life - for the wedding!

Angie said...

You act like you're not doing anything now - you're still using the elliptical from what I know. You do more than most pregnant people who use the pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy for 9 months!