Wednesday, June 11, 2008


First, I would like to start off by announcing that I am officially 20 weeks pregnant today! This may not seem like much to the common reader, but any pregnant woman knows what the 20 week marker means...the half-way mark! I cannot believe that I am halfway through my pregnancy already. It seems like just last week, I found out!

Another "wow" for the week. Last night, I was noticing how big my tummy has gotten. Jeff always says that I don't look any bigger, so I told him he needed to FEEL how I have grown to get a clue. So, he agreed. Suddenly, he jerked his hand away abruptly and said in an alarmed voice, "I think I just moved the baby!" I put my hand where he was feeling and sure enough he was right. Then, out of nowhere I felt a little kick! I have to say it caught me off guard. I am used to feeling the little "butterflies," but this was a strong, healthy jab. I don't know what we started, but he did not settle down for 20 minutes! I was trying to fall asleep and he was just kicking away. My new nickname for him is "Baby Beckham."

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mamie said...

Love that "Beckham Burch!!!" You know, that's not a bad name?! How wonderful it is to feel that life growing inside! Enjoy and treasure every minute you have together in this unique union!

Congratulations for hitting the 1/2 way marker! The best is yet to come!