Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Something extraordinary happened last night. Jeff used the word "NO." He didn't say "Maybe," or "We'll see." It was a sound, firm "NO." I was taken a little off guard! I personally DESPISE the word. I don't believe in absolutes...and "no" to me is an absolute.

Now, you may be thinking what on earth did you say to prompt the "Yes Man" to use a word that otherwise is foreign to his vocabulary. Well...I asked if we could get another puppy. I love dogs and feel my life is incomplete without one. I know we have a baby on the way, but I still would like to get a dog.

I suggested instead of saying "No," why not say, "Sure we can get a dog...once you are done with school and we figure out how a dog will fit into our lives with a new baby." He agreed that was a better response. The Yes Man prevails!

Hindsight is 20/20...I should have encouraged the use of the word "no," since children need to hear it and respect it. Jeff definetely needs some practice. Maybe I will just ask him every day..."Honey does this make me look fat?" That is one exception to my dislike of the word. I would be very happy to hear Jeff respond to that with a very loud "NO!"


mamie said...

I hope you survived the "NO"!! It's a Burch trait that I had to learn to live with. I must say, it's an acquired adjustment for sure. Diplomacy is key here. Maybe remembering the sadness of having to return precious Maddy is still too hurtful......

Aeris said...

hahaha, yeah you're baby is going to need a lot of the word "NO" if it's anything like you as a child ;)

ha ha ha just kidding sis

glad you got the movie reference!
ps~ on maternity leave, you should totally take up watching the history channel, there are so many educating, interesting, and amazing things on it!