Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Our honeymoon was amazing. We had a fantastic time! Surfing, a helicopter tour, fabulous dinners, hot stone massages, and a catamaran tour, were just some of the activities that Jeff and I enjoyed while in paradise.

The picture to your left is a picture of Jeff and I on the beach in front of our hotel, the Kauai Hilton. The hotel had a great ambience, not to mention the best happy hour on the island...complimentary Mai Tais from 5-6!

We enjoyed our stay on the island very much. I especially enjoyed the Kauai coffee. I, a coffee lover, wish I could be back on the island sipping a hot cup of Kauai "Joe" right now.

One memory I will never forget from our trip to Hawaii was while Jeff and I were surfing. A native of the island, a former surf instructor, paddled over to where we were surfing. I observed that he was an old friend of "T-Bird" our surf guide. He offered to help me catch the "perfect wave." While waiting for that wave, we chatted. He asked where I was from. Responding, "Grand Rapids, Michigan,"I was fully prepared to pull out my hand and point to where Grand Rapids is on my make-shift map of the state. To my surprise, he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, offered his fist, and said "Ohhhh, I been to your island Mon!"

As I reminisce about our honeymoon, this song plays in the background of my memories... "Somewhere... over the rainbow, way up high...there's a land that I heard of...once in a lullaby. Somewhere... over the rainbow...skies are blue...and the dreams that you dare to dream...really do come true." - Wizard of Oz

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