Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Jeff and I found the perfect stencils for carving our pumpkins! Jeff decided to carve the skull and bat combo to the left. I opted for the scarecrow below.

I forgot how gross carving pumpkins was. You have to scoop out all sorts of awful smelling pumpkin guts. Eww. I hope someday my kids will just want to draw jack-o-lantern faces on those tiny little pumpkins you can find at Meijer. Than again...where is the fun in that?! I suggest instead of breeding cauliflower/broccoli hybrids, scientists should cross breed a pumpkin with an apple...so then carving pumpkins would be more pleasant.

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mamins said...

Wow, the blogger pages want to go really Halloween on me. They flash over and over again. I managed to finally open up the google page!

Love the pumpkins! I'm surprised Jeff didn't do Spartie on his! He and Dave had a blast one year carving MSU favorites!

One drawback is the smelly seeds. Acorn squash smells the same, but it's yummy to eat. Did you wash and roast them?

Gameday: Kick-off is 3:30! Is the plan a sportsbar or do you want to have friends here at our house? Brian and Ang may be here for part of the afternoon. They have a housewarming to attend that night.