Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Weeks!

Jeffrey is two weeks old!

He is such a sweet baby. He really only cries when he needs to be fed, changed or burped. Every time he fusses and I begin to think that he is fussing for no reason...out comes a burp or I check his diaper, and it needs to be refreshed.

Jeffrey is settling into a sleep routine at night...waking only at 1AM and 5Am, not too bad. We have the same bedtime lineup that we had with Matthew as a newborn...bottle, bath, swaddle, bed. It seems to be working for Baby J!

I can already tell that he is very bright. He is very attentive and turns his head towards my voice or the sound of music. He is very strong too! He is holding his head up quite well and pushes off with his little legs during tummy time.

My only wish is that this magical, newborn stage could last a little longer. Jeffrey is already over 9 lbs! He loves to eat and is growing so fast!

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patty said...

So happy to learn my prayers were answered! Not a bad routine at all. What an adorable little boy!