Monday, March 15, 2010

Matthew is truly a little piece of heaven in our home. He is at such an incredible age. He is learning SO much every day! Even though he looks like Jeff, some of his facial expressions and mannerisms are all me...must be a first born thing.

Lately, he has been following me around as I 'nest' in preparation for the new baby. His 'new thing' that he loves to put things away! (A boy after his mother's own heart). Jeff will take out a coaster for his coffee and as soon as he picks it up to take a sip, Matthew will scoop the coaster up and put it in the drawer. And, I might venture to say that he likes to clean up his room almost as much as he loves to make a mess of it!

Matthew also loves to build towers with his blocks, smile at pretty girls, and give his mommy hugs. He says 'What is that?' at least 100 xs per day. And his latest expression is 'Whoa!' Whenever he knocks over one of his block towers or runs too fast and slips...he says, "Whoa!"

But, I hear my little angel now, just waking up for the day. He loves to chit chat with his Teddy in the morning for a few minutes before I go get him. I wonder what he is talking about...

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Rachael said...

Awe he is so cute! I would love to hear him chit chat with his teddy, that made me smile ;)