Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr. Right...where have you been?!

Today I had my 35 week appointment with a new doctor. Now, I am going to the doctor's office weekly and will be meeting all of the doctors in the practice. I was hesitant to start my "rotation." I was even more hesitant to have a younger male doctor discussing the intimate details of my pregnancy. To my surprise, I loved my doctor today. In fact, I would say that I prefer him to my regular, female doctor. Lucky for me, he delivers 80% of the practice's babies.

He was very professional and carried himself with a certain charm. He offered information without me having the ask the "right" questions, which I really liked. I am officially done discriminating against male OBGYN's.

Good is in the head down position. I was beginning to worry he was feet down. Probably another reason I liked my doctor today - he delivered good news! I am measuring right on with 35 weeks and am gaining about a half pound per week. Right on track!

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mamie said...

Head down is VERY good news - take it from someone who got the horrible SHOCK of transverse when in labor. I've been praying for you to have an incident free, safe, normal and relatively pain controlled birth.