Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kick Counts

Now that I have hit the third trimester, the doctor recommended that I take "kick counts," to track baby's movement. So, a few days go by and I keep track of the baby's movement, no problem, right? Well, I hit Thursday and the baby must have been pretty sleepy, because he hardly moved at all. Friday comes and no movement. I drink my glass of OJ, lay on my left side, and still after an hour not one single peep from him. I called the doctor's office just to see if this was normal...they send me to Beaumont. Apparently, not feeling very much fetal movement in two days is a big deal. So, naturally as any pregnant woman with her first child would do...tears welled up in my eyes and my brain started racing with "worse case scenario" scenes.

Two hours, a non stress test, and ultrasound is fine. Whew! According to the doctor, my placenta is in the front (sorry if that is TMI) and that means that it will be more challenging for me to feel fetal movement if the baby is in certain positions. This would have been nice to know...I don't know when they did the first ultrasound! Geez!

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mamie said...

Just keep counting those kicks! It's good to have things checked out when you get nervous.